2 = average, mainline, mainstream.
Ex. The average family does have very real information needs, even though these may not be immediately recognized as such.
Ex. This is 'scientific journalism' at its worst, but its standards are not wholly different from those of the mainline press.
Ex. Some children may be constrained by a mainstream curriculum that does not match their ability level.
* ciudadano medio, el = average man, the.
* como término medio = on average.
* de nivel cultural medio = middlebrow [middle-brow].
* de nivel medio = medium level [medium-level], middle-range.
* de precio medio = medium-priced.
* de talle medio = medium-length.
* de tamaño medio = medium-sized, mid-sized [midsized], middle-sized, mid-size [midsize].
* de tipo medio = middle-range.
* el ciudadano medio = the average Joe.
* hombre medio, el = average person, the.
* la ciudadana media = the average Jane.
* nivel de dominio medio = working knowledge.
* persona con nivel cultural medio = middlebrow [middle-brow].
* por término medio = on average.
* precio medio = average price.
* tener por término medio = average.
* término medio = compromise, balance.
* valor medio = midrange, mean value.

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.